Choose the Right Hard Drive Wiping Service and Keep Company Data Safe

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Blogs

Photo of brush cleaning an opened hard drive

Once a hard drive needs to be wiped clean of all its data, it’s important to choose the right hard drive wiping service to ensure your company’s data remains safe and secure. Hard drive wiping services provide secure, reliable data erasure and disposal of hard drives, ensuring that all of the data on the drive is completely removed and not recoverable. Let’s discuss the various considerations you should take into account when selecting the best hard drive wiping service for your business.

Wiping In-House vs Outsourcing to Professionals

It seems simple – all you have to do is delete the data from the hard drive and it’s gone forever. But the reality is that simply deleting a file does not actually get rid of it. There are tools available that can recover deleted files, leaving you vulnerable to data breaches. To ensure all data is removed, it’s important to take advantage of professional hard drive wiping services.

The Difference Between Shredding and Wiping a Hard Drive

Shredding and wiping a hard drive are two different processes. Shredding is the physical destruction of the hard drive and the data it holds, rendering it unusable. Wiping, on the other hand, is the process of securely deleting data from the hard drive, making it impossible to recover.

Why Choose Mamoth ITAD for Hard Drive Wiping

Mamoth ITAD provides secure and reliable hard drive wiping services for businesses of all sizes. We use military-grade data wiping software and hardware solutions to ensure all data on the hard drive is completely wiped away and not recoverable. We also provide a certificate of destruction for every hard drive we wipe, so you can be confident that your data is safe.

Our Process for Wiping Hard Drives

At Mamoth ITAD, we take the security of your data seriously. That’s why our process for wiping hard drives is thorough and comprehensive. We start by running a scan of the hard drive to identify any existing data. Once the scan is complete, we use our data wiping software to overwrite all data on the hard drive with random bits of data. Once complete, we provide you with a certificate of destruction.

We also handle any e-waste disposal you might need in a way that protects your company and brand even further. Instead of simply throwing out hard drives or other IT assets, we securely destroy them to ensure that all data remains safe.

Get Hard Drive Wiping Services From Mamoth ITAD and Rest Assured Your Data is Destroyed Securely

If you need to make sure all of your company’s data is securely wiped from a hard drive, Mamoth ITAD can help. Our hard drive wiping services are comprehensive and secure, and we provide a certificate of destruction for every hard drive we wipe. Contact us today to learn more about how we wipe a hard drive for disposal.